Hardware as a Service

Hardware Management Services

As technology evolves over time, operating systems and hardware components need to be updated. This can adversely affect small and mid-sized businesses, especially during difficult economic times. In order to serve our business customers with the best value possible, Mobile Computer Services has created a competitive support package plan that will cover many of the unexpected costs of integrating IT services into your business.

Your business can rely on the accuracy of future projections of the following costs:

  • Infrastructure and hardware: Includes warranty servicing for servers, laptops, desktops, switches, routers and firewalls. Software, operating systems and drivers associated with these items are included.
  • Tax-Related Issues: If your business uses the accrual basis of accounting, you know that it is important to properly classify operating expenses. Our IT services and related equipment qualify for this classification, which can be a substantial tax incentive.
  • Predictable expensing: When IT-related costs are based on a flat monthly fee instead of sudden changes, the credibility of your expense forecasting will improve.

It might appear less costly to pay for these expenses as they arise, but this is a deceptive analysis. Hidden costs will usually tip the balance against companies who budget too conservatively. Mobile Computer Services helps you out of this pickle by providing you with a stable expense projection. This enables you to know how much revenue must be earned within a period in order to break even. With the stability of a competitive support package, you will get the equipment, accessories and support your business requires.

Pay for your computers like other expenses, with one fixed bill through
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