Email / Spam Protection

Email is a useful service that is frequently taken for granted. Its ubiquitous presence is viewed as an integral part of business transactions. However, it would be a mistake to underestimate the need to use an effective email security system to keep your business safe from litigation, spam, phishing scams, malware and viruses.

Every business should conduct a risk analysis of their current situation in order to accurately determine their needs. If you do not know whether your email system is at risk, take action today. Speak with a Mobile Computer Services specialist to help you discover whether your company is compliant with current laws.

Mobile Computer Services offers comprehensive email archiving and protection:

  • Security: Prevent infection from ever entering your system. Advanced filter solutions stop email-related viruses and spam content from ever reaching the inbox.
  • Accessibility: Search the online archive of incoming and outgoing mail with attachments or other message content completely intact. Manage your online queries with a sophisticated search engine.
  • Managed Workloads: Enhance system performance by relieving your server of storage burdens.

Businesses can use email to enhance their operations, but this essential asset can abruptly turn into a liability as time goes on. As technology changes, some businesses fail to upgrade critical areas of their system. This can open them up to infection, litigation or both. Mobile Computer Services uses the industry-standard tools for protecting, securing and archiving your email for accessible searching. Information is a powerful tool; act today to protect your email from both external and internal threats.

Mobile Computer Services will assist build an email infrastructure that ensures the continuity of your business and utilizes your email as a beneficial business tool.

Don’t get caught by surprise!

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